International Accelerated Missions is a vehicle to facilitate knowing the Lord and making Him known.
Our desire is to see each believer drawn into an intimate relationship with the Lord. As one prays,
"draw me away" (Song. 1:4) the Lord responds with a deepening of our love commitment.

International Accelerated Missions, local churches working together to send laborers into the Harvest,
trains "nationals to touch nationals" with the Gospel. The unity spoken of in Psalm 133 causes the
anointing to flow down upon the members of the Body.  IAM has been authored by God to help fulfill the Great Commission seeing the glory and knowledge of the Lord cover the earth.

Prayerfully consider investing in International Accelerated Missions as a student,
missionary or supporter. Your assistance makes us partners in seeing the impact of the
Commanded Blessing upon lives (Ps. 133:3).
Because of Calvary,  

Rev. Jay T. Francis
President and Founder of
International Accelerated Missions


President's Greeting

"As cold water to a weary soul,
So is good news from a far country"
Proverbs 25:25

Receiving the Good News of Jesus Christ makes one a new person with a future as bright as the promises of God. As that one reaches forward, by the grace of God, they can lay a hold of that which God has apprehended them for (Phil. 3:13).

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