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Make an Eternal Deposit !!!

                                     It's as simple as 1, 2, and/or 3 ...

IAM Missionaries are serving in many capacities in various locations througout the Globe: Israel, Kenya, Uganda, the Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Ghana, Sudan, Mozambique, Malawi, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Nepal, Romania, and in the USA at the Home Office. These committed, sold-out lovers and laborers for the Lord are ministering to children and adults, making Disciples, teaching the Word of God, serving the sick and suffering, and raising up worshippers of the Lord.  Please designate your contribution to the Missionary by name, if known, otherwise state a country or ministry intent.  Feel free to call or email us if more information is needed in regards to your gift designation decision.

IAM Training Schools are impacting regions and nations through localized trainings established by National Christian Leaders.  The IAM Basic Bible Training and Discipleship Training Courses are established in a mutlitude of nations: Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela  India, Pakistan, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Kenya, Uganda, the Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Liberia, Israel, Russia, Philippines, Romania, Mexico and the United States. 

Please partner with IAM to effectively train national leaders in this vital hour !!!  Simply "Adopt a School" by providing seed monies ($300) to establish regional discipleship trainings and/or seed monies ($1,000) for the school to fund a local Enterprise Business enabling self-supported trainings.  Consider a contribution of $50 (or more) per month which will enable IAM to continue establishing schools in coordination with local Church leaders in new areas throughout the World. 

Your Gifts will be a GREAT BLESSING to faithful laborers for use to promote, train disciples, and bring in the Harvest.  Please specify the nation you desire to "Adopt."  Please call or email us if details are needed as you consider your partnership choice.  We will keep you informed of the training progress in that area, and give you opportunites, if you desire, to further contact them as the partnership is established. 

Headquarter's Support
Support the IAM Headquarters ... the grassroots organizational structure that keeps missionaries on the
field long-term, establishes discipleship schools, and sends out laborers on short-term misison outreaches.  Funding is vital for the continuance of establishing, maintaining, and enlarging strategic vision, care
of laborers, Missionary trainings, sustaining, mobilization, promotions, and communication.

Please designate a one-time or monthly contribution for the General Funding needs of IAM to enable
and further the scope of outreach ministry locally and world-wide.  Also please consider the many
options for
Planned Giving to this tax-exempt organization reaching "the Least, the Last and the Lost
with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."    THANK YOU !!!!  Philippians 1:3-6