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Invest in the Nations
Invest in the Lord's Eternal Plan
The Lord speaks of the importance of the go-er and the send-er in 1 Samuel 30.  David took 600 men to retrieve their families and goods from the Amalekites.  Two hundred remained with the supplies. On returning from the victory, the 200 ran to meet David.  He "saluted them" as he would a mighty warrior  and proclaimed, "For as his share who goes down into battle, so shall his share who stays with the baggage; they all shall share alike."  (vs. 24) 

David, realized that those who send and remain back to assist in providing
and guarding the supply are VITAL to the success of the mission.  The reward
is alike and we all bow together to give Him Praise.  We thank you and
salute you for joining with IAM in the success of the Mission.  

Ways to Give ....
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Conveniently donate to individual missionaries, support a project, or provide for the needs of Greatest Impact. One-time or recurring gifts can be chosen through credit or bank accounts.  Advance to our secure online giving section.

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Please make checks payable to International Accelerated Missions and include a note designating the checks intent.  Mail to IAM, 114 Rock Road, Berne, NY, 12023

Your gifts to IAM are used to proclaim the Gospel, train Nationals
and do Works of Mercy. We trust God to supply all of the needs.
Thank you for allowing Him to use you as an instrument of
His provision to maintain and advance ministry work.