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Frontline Battles are won by Prayer Warriors

We recognize that the best plans, programs and energies
are ineffective without prayer... Active intercession is vital
to the strength of any missions organization and is necessary
for the covering of our IAM Laborers near and far.

There are several exciting ways to serve as an IAM Intercessor:
Become an IAM Awakening Intercessor
Forerunning prayer for awakening in New York's Capital Region and Beyond.
For more information.

Attend Monday IAM Prayer Gatherings
Every Monday  (except National Holidays)  join us at 3:30 P.M. at the
IAM House of Nations to interceed for missionary and ministry needs
and worship the Lord for the Great things He is Doing ! 

Receive Bi-monthly Prayer Request Lists
Keep IAM needs lifted up throughout the week as an IAM Intercessor.  Serve as a networker sharing the needs with small group prayer fellowships and at local church gatherings.   How about starting an IAM Prayer Gathering to focus on the current IAM requests?  Contact us about your interest.
Receive updates and praise reports.

Serve on an IAM Intercessory Team at Conference Gatherings 
Prayer and worship opens the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit's ministry at IAM Conference Gatherings and Special Events.  Approved IAM Intercessors minister to conference participants during altar calls and in the intercessory Interested in serving in this awesome way? Let us know.