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Step 3 - CROSS OVER : IAM Candidacy
        Meet with the IAM Leadership for a personal interview at the IAM House of Nations in Berne, N.Y.   IAM Board decision and candidate notification letter sent.

Step 4 - GO BEYOND : Candidate Training
        Upon individual determination attend the IAM International School of Mission (18-week Missionary Training Course), and/or the IAM Missionary Prep School (3 day training including: IAM corporate orientation and missionary development).  Meeting(s) held with IAM Leadership for orientation and preparation strategy.

Step 5 - LAUNCH FORWARD : The Appointment
        Step out into the call upon your life as an IAM Missionary Team Member to serve with an established work (i.e., IAM School, church planting ministry, children's home, etc.) or, if you are an experienced missionary, perhaps pioneer a new work as the Lord leads. Actively raise your support teams, prepare travel arrangements, learn more about your assignment and the culture, receive counsel from IAM and church leaders, and continue allowing the Lord to prepare your heart for His service. Receive commissioning from your home church and/or IAM Leadership.

Step 6 - IN HIS FOOTSTEPS : Advance to the Field  
      Daily serve in a team setting with leaders, other members, and nationals to glorify the Lord and fulfill His calling upon your life.  Times of great adjustment and growth are to be expected.  Send ongoing communications, anticipated at least bi-weekly, to the IAM Office relaying ministry updates, prayer requests, concerns, etc. encouragement and counsel from IAM and  your home church will be communicated.

Step 7 - TURN ASIDE : One Year Review
        IAM Missionaries are encouraged to take a furlough after the first year of service.  Be refreshed for several days at the
IAM House of Nations.  Visit with leadership to jointly assess the goals and outworking of your missions calling and experience.  Strategize and prepare for future ministry growth and development. At this time, if the Missionary or IAM Leadership determine that the missionary's service with IAM does not best suit their calling and/or the individual does not desire  IAM affiliation, missionary release is acceptable, without any obligation on either party.  

On the Road to the Mission Field
in IAM Long Term Service 

Step 1 - TAKE THE FIRST STEP  : Initial Inquiry 
        To become acquainted with you simply email or call us and share your missionary vision.

Step 2 - ENTER THE JOURNEY: The Application Process
Complete and return the IAM Application w/cover letter, photo, Medical Form and Reference forms to the IAM Office.  The IAM Leadership will prayerfully review.